Sever's Disease Treatment Success Stories

Mikki Device™ Custom Orthotics Testimonials

Meet Jackson & Gracie...

Note: The following young patients were prescribed the “Mikki Device” before it had been officially trademarked. It was because of these young patients and many others who were successfully treated with this solution, the Mikki Device™ was created.

Now children with Sever’s disease anywhere in the world will have access to treatment.

Jackson and His Mom's Experience with The Mikki Device

Jackson loves soccer and to run, but was finding that both of these activities were becoming more difficult as his heel pain became worse every day from Sever’s disease. Not only was this inhibiting Jackson, but worrying his mom as well, as she noticed him limping, hurting and not being able to play to the best of his ability during soccer practices and games. In this video Jackson and his mom share how the Mikki Device custom orthotics was able to treat his Sever’s completely alleviating his heel pain allowing him to go back to his normal, active, and soccer playing life!

Gracie's Brave Story & Ultimate Win with The Mikki Device

Like many kids her age, Gracie was active and loved to run and play. Unfortunately, as her Sever’s became worse, she went from running… to walking… to limping… to tippy toeing… to crawling… to eventually having to get a wheelchair. They tried various heel gel cups, ice and ibuprofen. None helped at all. After a year and half with little to no improvement, Gracie’s mom knew there had to be a better solution. Gracie received her Mikki Device about a week after they took the mold, was given a steroid shot for the inflammation, and was walking the next morning. 

Help your child get off the sideline and back in the game.

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