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Eddie Grey
Eddie Grey(Google Review)
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I have so much to share about this product so please have a seat. This product has changed our lives in 2 short months. Let’s first cover Logistics:

You pay a reasonable fee for the molding kit but it is so worth it as you get 4 chances to mold the 2 samples you will ultimately need (these are sent back to the lab). It looks and sounds complicated but it’s pretty straightforward. We just followed the video instructions on the website.

Prior to using this, my daughter was curtailed from Severes. She’s been playing soccer since she was 3 but when she turned 8, she started complaining about heel pain. We took her to several doctors and sure enough: Severes. I bought everything I could on Amazon but nothing seemed to do the job so started researching heavily and by the good Graces of God I found this device and the good people at

I am Naturally a skeptic but I decided to set up a zoom with the Dr and he was a consummate professional. They literally laid out the path and we decided to move forward and I am sure glad we did. My daughter is a rock star and is back to playing at a high level and I could not be more grateful for this day and moment. 🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️💪💪💪 Like
Rebecca Fishman
Rebecca Fishman(Google Review)
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I just wanted to thank you so much for assisting me and placing this order for Jack. The Mikki Device has been a true miracle! As soon as he started using the night brace, he started to feel significant improvement. Since he has been using the insoles, he’s running around and playing lacrosse as if he never had a problem.

I can’t tell you how grateful we are for this product. I was hesitant at first and skeptical that it was just a gimmick. Scientifically your product made sense and I figured it was worth a try, since all the other insoles we had tried had failed and I didn’t see any point of going to another podiatrist for them to tell us what we already knew. If it weren’t for your products, Jack would be at home and not on the Lacross team playing passionately.

On behalf of Jack and myself, THANK YOU 😊

Best regards, Rebecca Fishman ☀️

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  1. Janet C.
    Verified customer
    I waited for a year before I finally took my son in to get checked and then the Provider told us to buy some insoles that did nothing. Once I found this online I went ahead and ordered and wished I would have known or found about Mikki Device a lots sooner. Now my other son started having heel pain pretty severely after Flag Football season and I didn't wait... I literally went online and ordered another pair of Mikki Device for him and did not even bother going to a Dr for a diagnosis. Mikki Device was the only thing that helped make a difference in my sons heel pain so he could play sports again and run around with his siblings. The customer service has been outstanding (thank you Peg) and fast and kind. I have truly been impressed with how quickly the devices came and how thorough everything was. I would highly recommend these to anyone I know.
  2. Janet
    He's back to his old Jackson. He's back to running and he doesn't complain of foot pain. At night he wakes up and he's ready to start his day.
  3. Gracie's mom
    Verified customer
    So happy with this treatment, it worked!
    She went from crawling and sitting in a wheelchair, to standing next to my bed that morning on her feet. It was amazing!

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(The following young patients were prescribed the “Mikki Device™” before it was available to the public. It was because of these young patients and the many others who experienced success with this solution, that the Mikki Device™ was created.)