Cost Comparsion

Comparing the cost of The Mikki Device™ Sever's Solution kit with the actual out-of-pocket cost of seeing a specialist.

It’s a common misconception that insurance will cover the total costs of a Sever’s disease treatment from a podiatrist or other foot specialist. The truth is, after covering the copays and deductibles, out-of-pocket costs for the parent will usually exceed $1,000.

The expense table below compares the cost of the Mikki Device™ Sever’s Solution kit “at home treatment” with the out-of-pocket costs with good insurance. 

There are many different types of insurance providers and policies, so these are only estimates*.

(*Totals were calculated from the average costs of the top insurance companies in the U.S.)

Mikki Device™ Cost Comparison Table

wdt_ID The Mikki Device Sever’s Solution Kit COST Seeing a Specialist - Diagnosis & Treatment COST: Estimate Insurance Copay  COST: Average Deductible (if not met) COST TOTAL:
1 Initial Dr. Visit $0 Initial Dr. Visit $50 $120 $170
2 X-Rays $0 X-Rays $40 $40
3 Pediatric Night Brace $50 Pediatric Night Brace $150 $150
4 2nd visit and Casting $0 2nd visit and Casting $150 (If covered) $150
5 3rd visit orthotics dispensing $0 3rd visit orthotics dispensing $50 $50
6 Custom orthotics $447 (includes materials, casting, & pre-paid shipping.) $500 (Using BCBS as an example. Some are more.) $500
7 4th visit Wellness Check 30 days 0 4th visit Well visit $50 $50
8 TOTAL: $497 $1,110


Total Out-of-Pocket Cost for the Mikki Device™ Sever's Solution.


Total Out-of-Pocket Cost for Sever's Treatment with Insurance.

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Time & Doctor Availability

A look at the total number of doctor visits and qualified specialist availability.

The other advantage of the Mikki Device™ Sever’s Solution home kit is not having numerous doctor visits. As shown in the table above, there are generally four doctor visits:

  1. Initial doctor visit,
  2. 2nd visit for casting,
  3. 3rd visit to receive orthotics,
  4. 4th visit for wellness check-up.

(Although uncommon, there may be cases where doctor visits are the preferred option. Contact us with any questions.)

And lastly, and one of the main driving reasons behind creating the Mikki Device™, is doctor availability. There are many places in the world, and even in the U.S., that a qualified pediatric podiatrist or Sever’s disease specialist isn’t available. In these situations, either:

  1. The child is seen and treated by a family physician who may not have the same experience or qualifications as a specialist,
  2. the family needs to travel a considerable distance to see a specialist,
  3. or the family and child need to settle for the available treatment in their area due to lack of resources.


The mission of the Mikki Device™ and Pediatric Orthotics is to ensure ALL kids have access to proven and reliable treatment for their heel pain caused by Sever’s disease.

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